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Service Intervals

Servicing Your Machine

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Operating in extreme conditions may require more frequent service intervals:

• Engine components may become dirty or plugged when operating in extreme heat, dust or other severe conditions.

• Engine oil can degrade if machine is operated constantly at slow or low engine speeds or for frequent short periods of time.

Please use the following timetables to perform routine maintenance on your machine.

Service Intervals

Break-In after 8 Hours

• Change engine oil and filter.

Break-In after 50 Hours

• Change transaxle oil.

• Change transaxle filter - X534, X540.

Every 50 Hours or Annually

• Lubricate front axle pivot and axle spindles.

• Lubricate mower deck spindles.

• Lubricate lift pedal, if equipped.

• Lubricate rear U-Joints - X534.

• Lubricate front steering link - X534.

• Lubricate power steering cylinder ends - X534, X540.

Every 100 Hours or Annually

• Change engine oil and filter.

• Replace spark plugs.

• Replace air filter elements, both foam and paper.

• Replace fuel filter.

• Tighten radiator clamps - X520, X540.

• Check coolant hoses - X500, X534.

• Clean engine cooling fins - X500, X534.

• Clean radiator fins - X520, X540.

• Check mower belt.

• Sharpen / Replace blades.

• Clean underside of deck.

• Check tire pressure.

Every 200 Hours

• Change transaxle oil.

• Change transaxle oil filter - X534, X540.

• Check / adjust valve clearance. See your John Deere dealer for this service.

Every 400 Hours or Every Two Years

• Change engine coolant - X520, X540.